Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Cruise Alaska!

In about 4 short months, I will going on an Alaskan Cruise in honor of my 50th birthday (I keep thinking that if I say that enough times, I will get used to hearing it - so far, it's not working!) 

This week I have to get my paperwork off for my passport.  I am really getting excited and getting into visualizing this cruise already.  Isn't this beautiful?  I also am on the email list for Shutterfly Travel Club which goes all over the world!  Check out their website and some of the destinations they will be going to this year on their website  If you love to travel, you simply MUST check it out!  It's free and all are welcome!


Our cruise will be 7 days, then we will take the train into Denali National Park and stay there one night.  From there, we travel to the Mt. McKinley Princess Lodge, where we will stay 2 nights.  We are thinking of going white water rafting or perhaps touring a glacier by helicopter.  In any case, I promise to take LOTS of pictures and post them for you on my photo blog