Sunday, July 29, 2012

America - We NEED to PRAY!!

2 Chronicles 7:14
if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.

Oh Father - how we need for You to HEAL our land!!

I think that one of the enemy's BEST tricks is to keep Christians so "busy" that we don't have time to pray.  

In the upcoming election, it really doesn't matter who you are gonna vote for, or what 'side' you are on..... I think that we can all agree that this country is truly going to hell in a hand basket and that we need to begin to intercede for America! 

In 1 Timothy 2, the Bible tells us we are to pray for our leaders - for those in authority over us.  It doesn't matter how we personally 'feel' about President Obama - we should be praying for him and for the decisions he has to make for this country!

We need to HUMBLE ourselves and pray.... we need to make more effort to MAKE THE TIME to spend quality quiet time with the God of the universe and humble ourselves before Him.  We need to get down on our knees and our faces before Him and cry out to Him to forgive us for our sins -- for our pettiness, our jealousy, our pride, bitterness, complacency, anger, disobedience, and the list goes on and on. 

We need to SEEK His face...... we need to spend some real time "seeking" God, not just a couple of moments muttering a prayer at the end of the day when we get into the bed and are so mentally and physically exhausted from the days many activities.  How long has it been since you really "sought" God about something in your life?

We need to TURN FROM our wicked ways........ wow, now this is a big one.  Don't keep doing the things you've always done and then asking God to forgive you after.  May God convict each one of our hearts on this one.  From 'road rage' to anger and bitterness and unforgiveness with a spouse or children or parents. Too many Christians are out "partying" through the week and going to church on Sunday morning! 

Too many people want God to come into their hearts, but they don't really want Him to sit on the throne of their life - they don't want to give Him ALL of themselves.  For example, I know many Christians who have given the Lord many areas of their life - they've been great Christians for years, but they just won't give God their finances.  They just can't, or won't for a variety of reasons.  Do you tithe?   Do you give over and above your tithe to support a mission or a ministry that touches your heart or that you are passionate about?  Too many Christians are 'stuck' in the same rut (financially) year after year, decade after decade - and wonder why God doesn't answer their prayers about their finances!! 

I have known many good christian singles who have asked the Lord Jesus into their heart to be their Saviour, many of them have been Christians for years and they too have given Him most of the areas of their lives - except their sex life.  Yep!  They just won't give up sex.  Sex outside of marriage is sin.  Period.  Stop reading the trashy books, listening to the sexually charged music, dressing provocatively and spending the night or living with your boyfriend!!  Keep yourself busy doing things with your friends, or doing things with the church - or join some clubs - hiking, biking, traveling - there are all kinds.  Get active in something that really touches or saddens your heart like visiting people in prison, helping to rescue girls from the sex trafficking industry, or helping serve food at a homeless shelter or food pantry.  I think that one of the greatest things about being single is that I don't have anyone to answer to except God!!  I want to encourage you - don't sit at home and be bored, or "lonely".  Make plans to get out and do things with other people - there are many things that are very inexpensive too!  Email me if you are interested in finding things to do like I have mentioned above.  The list really is endless! Or feel free to email me if you simply want prayer.  Ladies, there is an excellent DVD that you can check out from the library called "No More Sheets" by Juanita Bynum.  You can even check out excerpts from it on YouTube.  

God is the same in this 21st century as He has always been - He doesn't change.  Sin is still sin.  We must stop trying to sugar coat it.  The enemy doesn't have any "new" tricks - they are the same tricks he has been using on God's people since the beginning of time. 

God is calling us to be HONEST with ourselves as well as with Him.  In order to be free, you have to be honest! 

At the end of that verse in 2 Chronicles God says " then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land."

Praise God, that gives me hope.  That tells me that there IS hope for America.  But we need to pray!! 

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